All prices listed below are per person.

A full payment of rent must be made along with security deposit in order to secure your room.

Note: Any unit with a connected bathroom is charged a $50 additional fee for 4 weeks rate.

It is $15 per week on a weekly rate.


If you want to make a reservation, you will need to pay the security deposit and rent with the online application form. The security deposit will be non-refundable if you move out earlier than the original move-out date on the agreement. 

* $50.00 will be deducted for cleaning when you move out

** Additional $50.00 will be deducted if you don't return the room key. 

** Additional $50.00 will be deducted if you don't return the main door key. 

Linen Fee (Pillow, Pillowcase, Bed sheet and Blanket)

Lease: $30.00 

Purchase: $50.00 


Cancellation and refund request for the security deposit must be submitted in writing.

Cancellation fee $100.00 will be charged, and calculations for the security deposit as the chart below.

Prior to Move-in Date


Cancellation Fee

14 Days



8 ~ 13 Days


$100.00 Plus 50% of Rent

7 Days ~ After Move-in


$100.00 Plus 100% of Rent

Parking: Parking is an additional $50.00 per 4-week period, and will require a $50 refundable deposit. We will record the make/model of vehicle and issue you a remote control and an assigned space. 


Please be sure to give us the appropriate time of your check-in so we can make sure your room is ready. You can check in 24/7 and there are no fees.